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    Complete your CV and apply to hundreds of Job Offers.

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    • * You can modify your personal data, Work Experience, Education, Skills and more. To complete or modify your data, you must fill the mandatory fields. * If you want to add information, click on the "Add" button * If you wish to modify the information, click on the "Edit" or "Delete" buttons * Don't forget to complete the information regarding Idioms, Computing Skills and References. * In Skills we recommend to add specific competences such as: Linux, Word, Excel, etc. * In "More about you" you can add information about they type of job you are interested in, such as industry, area, or salary. * Once you finish, don't forget yo click on "Save"

    Once you complete your CV, you can attach a fil with additional information. Follow these steps to do that:

    Access here

    * Scroll down to "CV Attached" and click on "Add". * Select your file. Format must be word (.doc / .docx) or pdf, and size should not exceed 1 MB * Once you finish, click on "Upload CV".

    Important Note: this CV is mainly used as additional information. Our datasearch algorithm works using the information you complete manually in Jobomas first, so we strongly recommen you first complete your data through the CV form. If you have not already done it yet or you think it is incomplete, you can complete it here (LINK).

    To delete or change your CV attached, follow these steps:

                         Start by clicking here 

    *Scroll down to "CV Attached" and click on the trash icon. Once you click here, CV will be removed.

    Add a photo to your Profile following theres steps:

                             Click here 

    •  Click on "Add photo" and choose a file.
    • The photo may be in JPG or PNG format and the size should not exceed 2.5 MB.
    •  Finally, adjust the size of the photo and click "Save"

                                Access here

    • Place the arrow of your mouse at the top of the photo and click on the pencil icon.
    • Now you can adjust the current photo or change it. 
    • In case you want to change your current picture, remember that the photo may be in JPG or PNG format and the size should not exceed 2.5 MB.

    Finally, adjust the size of the photo and click "Save"

    You can delete your profile picture following these steps:

                        Click here

    • Place your cursor over the photo and click on the "X" icon that will appear in the upper right corner.
    • Once you click here, the photo will be deleted.

    Recover your password by following these steps:

    • Go to Login and click on "Forgot your password?"
    • Once there, enter the email you used for your registration, complete the security code and click on "Recover password"
    • We will send you an email with a link to enter insert a new password.

    In case you don't remember the email you used to register, contact us at support@jobomas.com

    You can change your password by following these steps.

    1. Login and go to "My Account"
    2. Complete the password fields and click on "Update".
    3. Done. Your password has been changed.
    4. Please use your new password next time you login.
    Your username is the email address you used to sign up, the same you use to log into your account.
    If you want to modify it, send us an email to support@jobomas.com from the account you wish to modify, with the subject "User Change".
    One of our Customer Rep will check the information provided and will notify you via email once the change is done.

    *Note: the process may take a few days.

    Did you find a job and want to delete you account? You can do it through these steps:

    • Go to "My Account" and scroll down to "Deactivate my account".
    • Enter your password and the reason for your request.
    • As a final step, we will ask you to confirm the deletion of your account, for security reasons.

    Is your profile appearing in Google or another search engine?

    • You can change the visibility of your profile by going to "Privacy Settings" and selecting if you want your Profile to be Public or Private.

      * Private: Your profile will be available only for your contacts in Jobomas and for companies.
      * Public: Your Profile will be available to all Jobomas users and may be displayed in results of other search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, among others.

    Important Notice. If your privacy is "Public" and you change it to "Private", it may take a few days to stop appearing in search engines. This time is full responsability of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). It depends on how much time they take to update their indexes and search results.

    Apply easily by following steps:

    • Select the Job Offer you are interested in 
    • Scroll down and click on the "Apply" button. You'll find it at the end of the Job description.
    • Login or create an account if you haven't done yet.
    • Complete your CV. You will be able to attach a CV in word or pdf, too, after completing the previous step
    • If you are a Premium User, you can also add a Cover Letter
    • Finally, click on "Apply" and your CV will be sent to the Employer.

    You applied to a Job but still didn't have a reply from the employer. That's something that may happen. Some employers take more time to reply their applicants. In Jobomas you can check weather your CV was read or not by the employer. Follow these steps to check the status of your applications

    • Go to "My applications".
    • Here you'll find a list of all the jobs you have applied to.
    • You will see the name of the job post, employer's name, the application date and the CV that you sent (if it was only your Profile information or a CV Attache also).

    Check the Status for each application. They could be:

    Received: Your CV has been sent to employers inbox. It may be a matter of time for them to contact you.

    Seen: Your CV has been seen by the employer. You are still in the application process.

    Downloaded: The company has downloaded your CV to its device. We presume they may be analyzing it. 

    Discarded: Your CV has been deleted from the recruitment process. Do not be discouraged. Try by applying to another job.

    No Information: The company still does not take any action with your CV.

    If you consider any job offer to be erroneous, false or that its content can be harmful, you can report it following these steps:

    • Go to de Job Offer you want to report
    • Scroll down. After the "Apply" button you will find a box with a text like this: "Attention: unfortunately there are some dishonest organizations who are..." Click on "See more"
    • The box will be expanded and the full text will be shown. Click on "DENOUNCE THIS VACANCY". A new form will appear.
    • Fill the form and click on "Send".

    Our Customer Service department will review the information and delete the job and/or the user who posted it, if necessary. 

    We apologize for any inconvenience a Job Offer may cause. Jobomas is not responsable for the content users post on its site.

    Are you receiving Job Alerts that doesn't match with your profile? You can change them to receive only the jobs that you may be interested in.To do so, follo these steps:

    • Log into you account and go to the "My Job Alerts"
    • A list of your active Job Alerts will be displayed.
    • Click on the pencil button to edit or in the trash icon to delete them.
    • To create a new Job Alert, click on the "Create New Alert" button.
    • Perform a job search and then save it.
    • Now you will receive alerts in your email.

    Are you receiving too much Job Alerts? You can stop all the Job Alerts by doing these steps:

    • Log into you account and go to the "My Job Alerts"
    • A list of your active Job Alerts will be displayed.
    • Click on the pencil button to edit or in the trash icon to delete them.
    • To create a new Job Alert, click on the "Create New Alert" button.
    • Perform a job search and then save it.
    • Now you will receive alerts in your email.

    Jobomas Premium Membership allows you to get hired faster. Also, subscribing to a Premium Membership will improve your whole user experience while using the site.
    Main Benefits:

    • Apply to Job Offers outside you country
    • CV Review (free when you subscribe tp 3 months of Premium Membership or 1 month of Business Membership)
    • Email Checker: you will be able to see employers email address
    • First in Job Searches. When an Employer navigates our Profiles Database, Premium Users appears first

    *The payment can be made by credit or debit card through PayPal very safely